Services and Warranties

The most common kind of warranty is the manufacturer warranty. You have at least one year of manufacturer warranty on new products. Under this warranty you can contact the manufacturer of the product concerned in the case of any defect or shortcoming. If you have purchased an extended warranty, you can also contact the manufacturer directly. Please keep your warranty extension identification number at hand when doing so.

Infotheek warranty applies to our Approved Selection range, used equipment and components. The warranty form and period are indicated on your purchase invoice. If additional service agreements have been made with your company, the way in which we handle your application may differ from standard warranty. For a service request, please contact us in the manner agreed upon.

Damaged product or order?

You must personally check the goods for damage and/or incompleteness upon receipt. If you see that an order has been delivered incorrectly, you are obliged to make a note of this on the courier’s delivery receipt. In case of damage, please refuse the order and inform us immediately. Damage to, or loss of, a product or shipment should be reported to us within two business days. Within this period, we will do our best to offer you an appropriate solution.

Product returns

It is usually possible to return a product to us. Predefined conditions must be met to handle return requests correctly; additional charges may apply. The returns process is as follows:

1. Registration


You register the return.

2. Approval


Infotheek assesses the return request.

3. Planning


You can schedule the pick-up yourself.

4. Pick-up


DHL collects the registered return products.

5. Processing


Infotheek processes the goods as agreed upon.

Expired warranty

There are a number of possible solutions if your warranty has expired. In many cases the manufacturer can still repair the product for you. Contact the manufacturer, who will provide a quote for the cost of the repair.

  • You can also rent or lease replacement equipment from us
  • You can have the product repaired at a repair centre
  • You can contact your account manager to purchase a replacement product
  • Contact our customer service if you have any questions about the possibilities

General or technical questions?

Please contact our customer service if you can’t find the answer to your question on our website.

+32 (0)2 808 23 27

Feel free to email us with any other questions or comments you may have. Your feedback helps us to be of even better service to you.